Accelerating career transitions

With the world flatter today than ever before, organisations across all industries and geographies face uncertainty due to the volatile technological, and economic climate. In response, companies around the globe are having to transform their workforce to keep pace with the changing times. Sometimes that can mean realigning their people strategy and moving on those who no longer fit the new business model. It is an inevitable reality of the fast-paced world we live in.

If your organisation is taking a tough decision to lay off some of your people, it is a great idea to support them with career transition coaching and outplacement mentoring. Outplacement services have become the industry standard today. All the reputed companies want to make sure they provide a strong footing to their outgoing employees so that they have the right ecosystem to transition to a new beginning.


Outplacement is the support service provided by organizations to individuals who are exiting their company – with a view to help them re-orient themselves for new beginnings. It can help impacted employees transition quickly and successfully into new jobs and careers. Outplacement typically has three functions – Coaching, Career support, and Landing. It has been observed that offering result-oriented outplacement support has a positive impact not only on those who are departing, but also on the remaining employees as they take notice of their company’s efforts and become less fearful of uncertainty.

PACE Recruit’s well-designed career transition program helps your employees transition after a downsizing or any workplace restructuring event. We provide training and counselling sessions aimed towards helping each employee find their next job as soon as possible as per their talent and skillset. Pace Recruit offers business value at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from employee acquisition to outplacement and making employees employable for future transitions.

We specialize in the IT and consulting industries. We provide outplacement support to resources from all levels – C-suite executives to front-line employees – and all functional roles. We have the coaches, expertise, network, and technology to support an organisations outplacement needs. Our programs can be personalized to support a variety of career paths like Full-time roles, Contract roles, Consulting, Freelance, and Entrepreneurship.

Benefits for Employers

Brand protection and cushion from/ in case of risk of litigation

Measure and track the ROI of our services

In-depth report on the progress of each member

Bespoke solutions for your organisation

Build protection cover for existing employees

Benefits for Employees

Much swifter landing than DIY

One-on-one coaching and attention

Support across a variety of career paths

Access to our professional network

Counselling for best career choices

Our Approach

Result oriented



  1. Career transition counselling
  2. Behavioural coaching
  3. Self-development plan
  4. Psychometric assessment (if required)
  5. Training in emerging skills/technologies (if required)


  1. Professional LinkedIn Management
  2. Cover letter and resume writing
  3. Image consulting
  4. Networking


  1. Job search training
  2. Job search assistance
  3. Salary negotiation advice