Executive Search

Find leaders who will keep you at the top

Acquiring employees for leadership and top management roles is something difficult. This requires head hunting for the person with the right talent and experience to handle the responsibilities that come with such positions. This process can be time-consuming, costly, and complex. We understand the pressure you’re under to find leaders who fit in with your organization’s values, culture, and ambition. You need seasoned professionals with an exceptional track-record and it is our job to find them for you.

PACE RECRUIT provides Executive Search services that hunts for experienced professionals in the field who have the talent and skillset to manage executive positions in top companies. We do not compromise on quality of the candidates. We focus on getting you the leaders in the industry with years of experience in handling senior roles. The manpower solutions we provide will steer your company towards your strategic goals. Our head hunting methodologies are rigorous and exhaustive. We are known for 360 degree evaluation of profiles for lateral hiring. Our talent analysis grid includes psychometric assessment as a key metric. So rest assured, if you are coming to us, we have your interests covered.